Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Moments Forever Still

Babiebluz, the author of the blog "Moments Forever Still" is a New Hampshire resident (living somewhere in the Mount Washington Valley), and an autism specialist in the education field. Photography is one of her creative outlets.

During the past year (she began this blog in March of 2007) she has traveled a bit within the United States, and has posted some lovely photographs, both of people and outdoor scenes.

This blog is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.


Saturday, December 08, 2007

Merrimack Public Library Blog

The Merrimack (NH) Public Library Blog is on the top of my list for Internet-savvy librarians.

They created a blog beginning in January of 2007 with several staff members as contributors.

They update this site on a regular basis. If you live in the greater Manchester or Nashua area, you are very close to this library and so you may want to take a look to see the great events they hold here.


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Bricker's Blog

Lara Bricker and her toddler Willie are the primary focus of Bricker's Blog. An Exeter New Hampshire resident, you may have read her column "Mom's The Word."

She is occasionally delusional when it comes to moose. She created this blog last month (November), so give her a warm welcome, and maybe a few comments


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Eric D. Knapp

Eric D. Knapp would do almost anything to get on the Best Seller's List, even considering revisions to his book's (Out of Place, Out of Time) cover art. Hmmm... EraCluck might just be hit!

His writing is tongue-in-cheek witty, and his genre is science fiction and fantasy. Blogging since at least June 2003, he's been around the block several times.

His profile states: "Knapp has been writing since the first grade, when he was awarded his first of two Young Author's Awards. Since then, Eric has graduated with a communications degree from the University of New Hampshire, and has studied literature and fiction at the University of London. As a telecommunications engineer and freelance technology writer, Knapp has contributed to industry magazines such as 'Telecommunications', 'Exchange', and 'ISP World'. He has recently been rewarded with the iUniverse 'Editors Choice' award for his newest novel, 'Out of Place Out of Time'Coincidentally, that book is available for sale on (hint! hint!)"

Knapp also has a short story posted at, called "Nine Flights, Ninety Five Steps."

The only think lacking on his blog is a way for visitors to comment...


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Saint Anselm College Blog

The Saint Anselm College Blog is produced by the folks at Saint Anselm (please don't pronounce it AN-SLUM!) College in Manchester New Hampshire.

Of course right now many of the articles are politically-oriented (surprise, huh?), but the majority of the posts appear to be college announcements (focused toward students), and articles about faculty/staff/alumni in the news.

The maintainers of this blog are technologically savvy, and they produce a news podcast that is easily accessible.

Even for those who are not particularly interested in the college, you can learn some interesting things.... for example, one of their alumni (Class of 1977) Mark Sullivan was named director of the U.S. Secret Service a year ago. Actually I think I met mark when Al Gore was "wrapping the NH State House in red ribbon" a few years ago at an event I was coordinating.

A superior blog! Four stars for presentation and content.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007 Blogs

Did you ever have the yen to report your local news?'s BLOG section gives you the opportunity to do just that. Called "Your Neighborhood News," you can post a comment, an entire story and/or accompanying photograph or two.

Your news might just end up being newsworthy enough to appear in one of their affiliated publications.


IMHO New Hampshire

IMHO New Hampshire's subtitle aptly describes the articles found there: "A Conservative Take on Life, Politics and More, from New Hampshire."

The authors include Ron Dupuis, Michael Shackelford and Dave Buhlman, and the subject matter is definitely more political than anything else.

The articles in this blog are thought provoking, regardless of which side of the fence you stand on.


Monday, September 10, 2007

Merrimack Sites & Legends

Hooligan of "Merrimack Sites & Legends," lives in Derry New Hampshire, and works in the law enforcement or security field. His favorite books shows a penchant for things that go bump in the night, and he is a fearless researcher of ghosts and other strange phenomena.

A spanking brand new blogger, he began posting in July of 2007, and is currently focusing on "haunted" cemeteries in southern New Hampshire.

In addition to his personal experiences in the locations he describes, he includes some great photographs, and also a bit of history.

Are these places really haunted? Hooligan helps you decide. A supernatural "must see." Besides, Janice of Cow Hampshire thinks he may just scare you.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Blitzburg New Hampshire

The blogger at Blitzburg New Hampshire goes is a Steeler Fan living in New Hampshire. The subheadline states "Let's wave those Terrible Towels."

This NH Steeler fan is looking for dialog and hoping to pump up some fans in the Granite State. They seem to know what they are talking about... but being sports-challenged myself, I'm certainly not the one to comment on that part :D

Hey, stop by and leave your two cents, or at least wave a terrible towel!


Friday, August 10, 2007

Kurious Kitty's Kurio Kabinet

Cat's aren't allowed in the library, but that doesn't stop the librarian at the Nesmith Library in Windham NH.

Diane Mayr's blog, "Kurious Kitty's Kurio Kabinet" is educational, but don't let that scare you. She is also very entertaining.

Do you know what an Espresso Machine is? (It has nothing to do with coffee). Did you ever see a Mercedes Beanz? Do you have post-Potter depression? Find the answers here.

Great reading, two thumbs up! (or more depending on how many thumbs you have).


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Dog-Eared Town

Paul is a mid-30s guy who lives in the Hooksett/Manchester NH area, and he is a prolific blogger at "A Dog-Eared Town." He has a wife named Lisa, and a cat named Siofra (wait--maybe that is Lisa's cat).

I especially enjoy Paul's "Your Tax Dollars At Work" series, which covers usually New Hampshire's nonsensical proposed laws, and unusual debates going on in our state legislature. (Have pity on 'em Paul, they don't have air conditioning).

Paul has a sharp wit and keen observation skills. He can spot a redneck taking his girl on a date in a dump truck from two miles away, and a change in the Dow Jones from even further away.

Intriguing reading.


Bride Buzz

New Hampshire Magazine presents an "everything-bridal" blog at Bride Buzz. Barbara Coles, Erica Thoits, Shannon Spiliotis and Cindy Kibbe each present brief articles to help real and potential brides make decisions about their nuptials.

Questions they ask (and sometimes answer) include: can wedding attire be too casual? How to save wedding items as memorabilia? What kind of gifts are appropriate for your bridal party? How do you have a Green Wedding (and they don't mean the bride wears green!)

So, if you are getting married, or know of someone who is, you should point them over to this blog. The best part--the advice would apply for ANY bride, not just the ones living in New Hampshire.


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Drew Cline

Drew Cline, the editorial page editor at the Union Leader has a blog (aptly named after himself).

So far his posts are primarily focused on sports and politics, and since I am challenged in both of those arenas, I decline to comment on whether he blogs on either topic well (or not).

Apparently he will be posting a weekly presidential primary report from New Hampshire on

He seems like a guy to watch.


File: Political Blogs

Art Esprit

Susan Larochelle, a Rochester New Hampshire artist, gallery owner, teacher, and curator, has been presenting her blog, Art Esprit, on the topics of:
"Muses & Rants About Fine Art, Craft and Design" since November of 2005.

At first personally newsy, her blog has slowly but surely been converted into an intriguing space that includes some amazing artwork in various medium, from watercolor to wearable.

I'm a person who enjoys buying unusual (but beautiful) creations for folks on my buying list, and the links on this blog certainly provide me with a
great deal to choose from. Some of the links go to her online shop and gallery, Artstream LLC.

What can I say? I encourage readers to support New Hampshire artists, especially when their creations are so awe inspiring.


File: New Hampshire ART AND CULTURE Blog


Bloggers like everyone else, sometimes move on to other projects and leave their blog to wither and fade away. In order to properly keep an updated list of New Hampshire blogs, I am creating a new Category called "Retired Blogs" where currently listed blogs that have not been posted to for six months or more will be moved.

If you find your blog on this list, and you have added an article recently, please contact me.


Area 603
Reviewed May 25, 2006
RETIRED January 1, 2008

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sadie Pink

Sadie Pink is a "mam" with three kids who blogs anonymously. She reportedly lives in the suburbs of New Hampshire.

Blogging since 2005 she is an eclectically crafty lady, into everything from linoleum block prints to paper clay dolls. Her photographs are pure eye candy.

I have only one negative criticism... she doesn't blog enough.


File: Art & Culture Blogs


Gilford is a small town in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. The folks up there enjoy groking...err blogging on GilfordGrok.

Doug, Terry S., and Skip are the primary bloggers. I have a sneaking suspicion that this blog is a distant cousin to GraniteGrok.

Be prepared for a good dose of politics, town business, commentary and photographs of local events. These folks have been blogging regularly since June 2006, and you can learn more here than you can at Gilford's local doughnut shop.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Shoals Marine Laboratory Blog

Someone using the intials SML (not their real initials obviously) at Cornell University is blogging for the Shoals Marine Laboratory, a biological field station run jointly by Cornell & UNH. His co-blogger, Le Mon is a toothy fellow who likes to hang his head out the car window like a dog.

Apparently there is a second Shoals blog, GoShoals Summer 2008.

They have only been blogging a short time, but already there are some interesting articles.

The Shoals Marine Lab plans on holding some cool classes... such as "Marine Vegetables" and "Boilology of the Lobster" .... err sorry that is "Biology of the Lobster," and "Marine Vertebrates." I guess I'm hungry.

Stop by and say hi!


Coos Conversations

Katie Paine of Berlin NH is the primary blogger at Coos Conversations, but she does permit guest bloggers who have a story to tell.

This blog is "for and about Coos County, New Hampshire," whether you live there, or like to visit. A wide range of topics appear to be covered from events to the economy.

This spanking brand new blog just began in April of 2007, and already it is sparking interest. Stop on by and get an eyeful.


P.S.: Katie is a busy woman. She also blogs KDPaine's PR Measurement Blog.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Weekend Pundit

The blog, Weekend Pundit, has been around the block a few times (since June 2002 WOW!).

Apparently the Yankee posters are Bagheera The Magnificent, Brent, DCE and John, although DCE is the most prolific of the contributors.

No topic is off-limits... no waters too deep (and they certainly are not still).

Not to mention the great Weirs Beach Sign and the photograph of the motorcyclists... "and these are just some of my faaaa-vorite things...."


My Travels in New Hampshire, Town to Town

Maxwell Marovich of Keene NH is the blogger at "My Travels in New Hampshire, Town to Town."

He is methodically "X-ing" out a map of the Monadnock region, as he presents an individual, albeit brief, writeup on each township. He includes links to photographs, and adds personal comments.

I call this water closet reading... not because the posts have a direct relationship to anyone's water closet, but because his posts are just long enough to keep you interested, and short enough to read during during a "break" in your life's daily events. Just do it :D

I suspect that the blog owner is the same person found:




and -here-


Monday, April 30, 2007

New Hampshire Newbie

Holly, the author at "New Hampshire Newbie" is a real New Hampshire newbie.

Holly apparently is not a native of New Hampshire, and possibly not even a New Englander based on how she talks about the weather here.

She began her blog in January of this year. She is a VISTA working at the Red Cross as a grant writer and case worker, and lives in Hopkinton. Her dog Molly Brown is a cutie.

If you have a minute, take a quick visit and leave a comment. You might just make her day.


A New Hampshire Yankee in the Old Dominion

Tris Wykes of "A New Hampshire Yankee in the Old Dominion," describes his blog as "A rambling account of my life and travels and the people, places and events that intersect with them."

Although a brand spanking NEW blog, this one certain deserves more exploration. Tris Wykes started the blog because he is a relief worker who will be in New Orleans for a bit and wants to communicate with family and friends in this way.

For those of you who have been wondering about the "truth" of the lingering effects of Hurricane Katrina on New Orlean's, this is a great place to start. Tris' view of the city is probably closer to the truth than what we see in the news.

Lets hope Tris decides to keep on blogging, even after he returns home.

File: Journal or Commentary Blog


Monday, April 23, 2007

Patrick's Life in New Hampshire

Patrick [I haven't figured out his last name yet] of "Patrick's Life in New Hampshire," is originally from the Netherlands, but he lives in New Hampshire with his wife Sue.

He blogs to keep his family informed about his life and interests. Although written in Dutch, you can use the handy (and free) online translator, Altavista's "Babel Fish".

Just select Dutch to English in the drop down box and plug in Patrick's blog URL to see an automatic translation. The translated wording is a bit rough and awkward, which only makes reading his articles more interesting.

This is an intriguing blog, as it gives you a wonderful insight into how foreign-born residents see our state, and our culture. A definite thumbs up.


Original Faith: Becoming Our Truer Nature

Paul Martin is the New Hampshire blogger on Original Faith where he invites visitors to participate in thoughtful discussion on religious and spiritual matters. Paul's biography succinctly details his religious and educational background.

Original Faith comes with its own "what people are saying" section. This blog appears to be partially a promotion for his book, also called
"Original Faith," that is going to be available for purchase soon.

His topics are thought-provoking, to say the least. He welcomes comments, "the principle is simple: respect the person, even when you
disagree with what they have to say on a particular issue."



Saturday, March 10, 2007

jcbabylove: Musings of a Sahm...All in a Day's Work

Carol, the blogger at jcbabylove lives in New Hampshire, and is a wife (to John) and mom and full-time caregiver (to 20-month old daughter, Dierdre).

She's been blogging since January of 2006 and her topics range from parenting to politics. The subtitle of her blog says it all. If you haven't figured out what a SAHM is... that is an acronym for Stay At Home Mom.

Carol's wacky sense of humor shines through her articles, and she isn't beyond poking fun at just about anyone or anything. Oh, she can have her serious moments, and she has a heart of gold.

Her photographs of her family and every day life are delightful, and will make you smile.

Hey Carol, I'm with you.... pooh on anyone who won't serve a shamrock shake!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Moose Dung Gazette

Tim Smith is not only the owner of The Moose Dung Gazette, a blog about his bushcraft and wilderness survival business (Jack Mountain Bushcraft), but he is also a bit of a comedian.

You immediately take note that "Anything that appears to be an error in spelling or grammar is actually the author's clever use of the vernacular, and thus is a carefully placed literary device that demonstrates his writing prowess."

His topics include books and video reviews, earth skills, gardening, gear, recipes, trip journals, and wild foods.

I don't normally include "business" blogs in this list, but Tim's has plenty of great stories that will captivate you.

His blog has been around since July 2006. I personally would love to see MORE photographs (as they are great eye candy), and more about wild foods available when in the wilderness. The only thing I haven't figured out, is how the moose dung fits in! :D



Connie Moses, the blogger at petArtistWithPeaches is a busy woman.

In addition to the attention she gives to the horses, dogs and cats in her life, she is interested in virtual art, and in building web sites.

She lives in Gilford NH and many of her photographs show little bits and pieces of New Hampshire scenery (although the stars of most of the photographs are her beloved human and horse family members).

Connie's stories are interesting, entertaining, and most definitely worth reading.


Monday, February 05, 2007

Susan The Bruce

Susan Bruce is a writer and activist. Her blog "Susan the Bruce" is a collection of her editorials and other writings. Her articles can be found in various New Hampshire publications including the Conway Daily Sun.

Her articles delve into the political goings-on in New Hampshire, from local legislation to the New Hampshire primary, and are well researched.

Susan is also a staff organizer for the New Hampshire Citizens Alliance for Action. Their web site states, "She has been with NHCA/NHCAA for 4 years. Susan has worked to organize NH residents to hold their legislators accountable, and in the past 2 years has been actively involved in our campaigns to protect Social Security, and improve Medicare Part D."

File: Political Blog


Monday, January 29, 2007

Thought Clusters - Krishna Kumar

Krishna Kumar of "Thought Clusters" is a native of India currently working as a project manager at Ivesia Solutions. He lives in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

Through this recently created blog, he comments on his observations on business management, personal learning, information technology processes and software products. [He has been blogging for about ten months].

His blog makes for some really fascinating reading. I particularly enjoyed his "Quick Review of Google Products." I'm a Google fan, but haven't had a chance to check everything out myself. Now, I don't need to!

The more you read this blog, the more you realize that some concerns are universal, and that anyone using a Microsoft operating system will experience the "blue screen of death," at least once.


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lost Nation.TV

Can you spell TACT? Well good for you.

But you don't find much of it on Lost Nation.TV Instead you get raw politics on the half shell.

You can't help but be be impressed with the content, and quality of the articles-- the result of the combined abilities of the blog's contributors, Jack McEnany ("the father of the political blog"), Joe Bergeron and John Klossner.

Politics on both the national and local levels are covered here. I personally found the blog to be thought provoking and entertaining at the time same. They easily deserve a spot on my "Best of New Hampshire: Political Blogs."


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Every Tomorrow

Nikkiana, of Every Tomorrow, is a Suncook resident, and works from home. She is currently a Windows-refugee (i.e. a Mac user), but doesn't want to be defined by her operating system.

She enjoys learning about (and blogging about) the latest technology and toys (such as Wii), every day life, and her latest knitted creations.

Some of her eclectic writing categories are Geek Speek, Faith/Confessions, and Have a Happy [Blank].

Her blog is true eye-candy, and look for the "easter egg" that changes her blog's background.

Definitely worth a visit, and a revisit--not tomorrow, today.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Seacoast NRG

The byline states that this blog is news, analysis and opinion on energy issues for the New Hampshire-Main Seacoast region.

Seacoast NRG, is impressive (and trust me, I'm not easy to impress). Its blogmaster, Adam, is articulate, knowledgeable, and sometimes tongue-in-cheeck funny.

I especially enjoyed his "Carboney Awards"--his choice for this year's top ten UNDER-achievers in conservation.

The blog itself is pleasing to the eye, with every article usually accompanied by photographs or likenesses. The articles are fairly brief, but packed with great conservation information, written so that anyone from 8 to 88 can understand.

Because of this blog's high quality, easy-to-understand articles, PLUS the author's sense of humor, I'm going to include this blog as one of the "Best of New Hampshire Blogs," filed under "NH Farming, Earth-Safe, Nature Blogs."