Saturday, May 19, 2007

Shoals Marine Laboratory Blog

Someone using the intials SML (not their real initials obviously) at Cornell University is blogging for the Shoals Marine Laboratory, a biological field station run jointly by Cornell & UNH. His co-blogger, Le Mon is a toothy fellow who likes to hang his head out the car window like a dog.

Apparently there is a second Shoals blog, GoShoals Summer 2008.

They have only been blogging a short time, but already there are some interesting articles.

The Shoals Marine Lab plans on holding some cool classes... such as "Marine Vegetables" and "Boilology of the Lobster" .... err sorry that is "Biology of the Lobster," and "Marine Vertebrates." I guess I'm hungry.

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barry said...

Extremely interested in the unh marine lab work being done. Have a boat at the ocean and am out to the shoals often. Can we get some dates and times

Janice said...

Barry, you need to contact the UNH Marine lab directly. Follow the Blog link back to the marine lab and use those contacts.


tyler said...

there's a new blog up at