Thursday, July 13, 2006


Skip Murphy and Doug Lambert, the writers at GraniteGrok, are grok in Gilford, New Hampshire. A fairly new blog, they started posting here in May 2006.

"Never trust the so-called experts!" Doug has often been heard exclaiming. Skip likes to factually refute silliness passing as opinion.
Their topics range from "Patriotism" to "Taxes" and from local to international news.

Today's post, "I've heard of 'Land for Peace" is an intriguing post about how to resolve the Palestinian terror attacks... definitely worth a look.

Due to the nature of this blog, I file it: News


Monday, July 10, 2006


Mark, a New Hampshirite who blogs at Technoramus, supports and often reports about the Linux operating system, the Internet, and the future of computing.

Although a bit lean on articles right now, I'm hoping that will change, and his blog will "pick up"--as I do find his articles, and links to other blogs interesting.

Psstt.. Mark, its ok to edit the "Links" section of your blog by editing the Template section.

File: Journal


Tsulea's Blog

Tsulea of Tsulea's Blog is over age 30, married and a mother of 2 "with a hectic busy lifestyle."

Originally from the UK she moved here many years ago. She lives in southwest New Hampshire in the country. She is a quality engineer in the technology industry.

Blogging since November of 2005, her articles are presented in a personal journal style, and include important personal topics, such as her local convenience store changing from loose sugar to packets.

She is a Terry Pratchett fan.

Oh, and if this month's posts seem a bit tame, check out the archives. This lady can definitely tell a story. Sometimes she is brutally honest about herself, and that is worth reading.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006


Melody Polakow of Portsmouth New Hampshire, and blogger at Melomeals, is a life-long vegetarian, who is striving to be vegan.

Blogging since April 2006 she offers articles mostly about vegetarian recipies, cruelty-free foods and alternative foods, but mixed in are personal stories.

A very interesting read, even for a canivore.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ian Muir, The Angry Scotsman

Ian Muir, the New Hampshirite at The Angry Scotsman, doesn't seem to be angry at all. But he is a funny guy. With posts such as, "Apparently Microsoft is the Devil," he deftly (or as least as deftly as a geek can) promotes his ideas and opinions.

In his bio he states: "I’m a fledging web guru and furture internet rockstar. Right now I’m slowly but surely working to make a name for myself in the standards community. My long term goal is to help the web mature into a space for collaboration, creativity and growth that surpasses the current notions of what people can really do." He is also the founder and primary of Sunder Media, a CSS designer, PHP and .NET developer and general web ├╝ber geek.

His blog includes information about some pretty cool new and innovative programs and tools for web site designers, and I admit I bookmarked a few that he mentioned.

Because this blog contains more than web design related posts, File: Journal


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Estimated Prophet

M Prophet, the blogger at Estimated Prophet contains articles that are "progressive, democratic, and anti-fascist," or as the Technorati description states, "Cutting through the smoke and mirrors to enliven Democracy."

An intriguing perspective, well written and linked sources. More than just musings.

File: Political


In No Particular Order - 1Horsepower

Lise of Barrington, New Hampshire maintains In No Particular Order -- a diary about herself, her friends, her life, and most importantly, her horses...

Her brief biography states: "I work, I ride, I watch motorsports. Woo."

Intermittently she adds some interesting photographs... and she has taken some nice ones as her Flikr link indicates.

For motorsport and Horse fans, it's worth a look.

File: Journal