Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New Hampshire Law Blog

At "New Hampshire Law Blog," David Austin and Rob Hunt of Burke & Eisner Personal Attorneys in Gilford, New Hampshire blog (and have been since June of 2005).

At first glance I thought perhaps the blog was just advertising for their law firm, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was lean on advertising and flush with value--containing fascinating, and valuable posts.

The articles are timely, frequent, and often refer to real items in the news. They include links to documentation on specific cases.

Each post is filed according to its legal category, and has links back to the source of the material. Between the "Category" listings, and the search prompt, if your topic of interest is on their site, you will find it.

This blog obviously was extremely well thought out, and it is nicely presented. A great read for anyone interested in New Hampshire law as it relates to actual events.


La Salette Journey

Paul Melanson of La Salette Journey began his blog in December of 2004, as a Catholic blog dedicated to Our Lady of La Salette. The subject matter is primarily theology and philosophy related.

He generously translates some of the original Italian text used in his blog.

As Paul clearly states, "It's not about me, it's about Jesus.

File: Philosophy


Friday, June 23, 2006

Blog the Coast

Blog the Coast is a smorgasborg of blogs with topics which include opinion, lifestyles, sports, film, media, dining...you name it, you got it.

They have a slick and colorful main blog page with icons that catch your eye and entice you to click on them. As a secondary, but equally as valuable segment, (my favorite) they include a separate Blog the Coast Live Feed which take you to posts of other popular New Hampshire blogs that are not linked on their splash page.

Nicely done, something for everyone. You must register with the site to be able to comment.

File: Best of New Hampshire, Journal & Commentary


O Machine, Sudden Love Letters

Luke Buckham, of O Machine, lives in Keene New Hampshire. In addition to blogging since October of 2005, he is publishing his own magazine, "The Appropriate" which includes regular features by "invisible luminaries." In his other life he is a Mexican Chef.

His blog topics range from prose to politics. His posts are clever, clear, concise and interesting.

His poetry is intriguing, to say the least. A line of one of his poems says "A strange unevenness inhabits the usual landscape today"--a good description of this blog.

An enjoyable read.

Since the majority of the posts appear to be poetry, file: Art & Culture


Lady Knits & The World According to Liz

Elizabeth "Liz" Delisi is a New Hampshire writer of "time travel romance, mystery and suspense," and is an instructor at Writer's Digest and Barnes & Noble University.

Liz started her original blog, "The World According to Liz" in October of 2004. Its safe to say this was a personal journal, talking about her daily life, her children, and her passion for knitting. In May of 2006 (this year) she states she is in a "writing funk"... and that is her most recent post on that blog.

In the meantime, in March of 2006, she began the "Liz Knits!" blog, which is more current, and reflects her love to knit, bead, crochet, weave, and tat. Articles about her latest creations often include photographs of brightly colored scarves, shawls, and handbags.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The NH Edge, Listen Free or die

NH Edge was launched in early 2006 after a creative collective of musicians, writers, artists, and fans of each decided to create a forum that allowed for the expression of ideas.

Writers include Tim Deal, Jenn Bogle, Tom Ferry, Johnny Morse, Scott M. Harris, Brian Wiseman, and Mark Wholley (aka Nick Danger).

The NH Edge is still in its infancy, however as its audience increases, the staff hopes to expand the content. The expanded site includes a web site, podcasts, events, and more.

A great read for the music-minded.


Monday, June 19, 2006

The uvScene

A great deal has changed at the UV Scene since it was reviewed in June of 2006.

An edgy look, new location and management, and additional topics. From a list of local parties, to the option of "speaking your mind" this updated blog combines the best of the old and the new.


The UV Scene is all about people and resources in the Upper Valley area of New Hampshire.
The Archives go back to 2003.

Ken, the owner of this blog lives in Lebanon New Hampshire. Covering everything from book reviews, to great places to eat and play, the uvScene is successfully "using the internet to create a community of friends and neighbors."


Phil McCracken's Permanent Home

Phil McCracken is a 31 year old Taurus man, who lives in New Hampshire.

Blogging since March 2005, his blog diary, Phil McCracken's Permanent Home, is not what you'd expect, and it's also not for the weak of heart (or lets say at least, not to be read by prudes).

He enjoys travel and shares his photographs. Caution: he has a spork and he's not afraid to use it.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ben Kepple

In May 2003 Ben Kepple moved his blog to new quarters (here).

His old blog, "Benjamin Kepple Daily Rant," has been around since September 2001, and is described as "Discussions on foreign affairs, religion, and the state of American culture...oh, heck with it. It's an electronic soapbox where I get to spout off about all the idiocy that manifests itself in this day and age."

I was amused by his post, "A Travesty and Abomination Against Film-Making" about The Da Vinci Code movie, he's a witty guy. His topics often cover items you see in the daily headlines, but with a "benkepple twist."

I must have been hiding under a rock, because this is the first time I've heard of him, and I used to read the Investor's Business Daily.

His bio says: "Benjamin Kepple is a journalist in New Hampshire. He is a former reporter/writer for Investor's Business Daily, Heterodoxy, and FrontPage Magazine. He has also been published in the Daily News of Los Angeles, the Ottawa Citizen, AlbertaViews, and other publications. He was also a contributing editor for the 2nd edition of "Choosing the Right College," published by ISI Books."

I had a difficult time deciding where to place this blog in my category system... he is not quite a diarist, nor a philosopher, but strangely he seems both.

File: News


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

Thom Robbins is owner of the .NET Weblog.

He lives in Bedford, New Hampshire. His archives go back to August 2004. The subtitle identifies this as "A blog of the technical and sometimes uneventful side of programming in .NET and life within Microsoft."

Not being a programmer or a .NET geek, it would be unfair of me to say whether Thom is offering some useful information.

On the other hand, 83,235 people have visited his site since January 23, 2006. Thats a pretty good indicator that it is popular.


The Zen of Motorcycling

M.R. (Montauk Rider), the owner of The Zen of Motorcycling, is a 50ish Manchester New Hampshire male blogger who likes jazz, opera, motorcycles, touring, travel and the fascinating people along the way....

Written in diary fashion, I was pleasantly surprised (well, surprised in the way when you pick up a rock and discover its really a small diamond) at what I read.

Although most of the entries are short and sweet, scattered here and there are things I'd never thought about, such as "Like snowflakes, no two Springs are exactly alike." (How True).

Intermingled are photographs of many places he stops along the way.

M.R. also has a photostream.

Vroom Vroom, definitely worth at least one stop.


blogsNH - Concord Monitor Online

The blogsNH site is a section of the Concord Monitor online. The page lists several Concord area bloggers, with topics ranging from entertainment and technology, to politics and fatherhood.

As of this writing there are 16 separate blogs linked here. Something for everyone.

The site welcomes Concord residents to request a free blog account here, if you have something to say.

Viewers must register to log in.


Friday, June 09, 2006

South Street

Rick Broussard, of Concord NH, occasionally posts to South Street, and has maintained this blog since January 2005.

A very busy guy, who also blogs at Area 603, Granite Gumbo and detente, in addition to his real life job...

I'll let you figure out what that is :D

It looks like Rick has faced the problem many bloggers do. If you create a blog with a specific theme of posts, what do you do with the rest of your creative thoughts? Ah, make other blogs... Eventually one shakes out as the one where you'd like to spend more time.

I'm not sure if he had twenty blogs, that it would really give us insight into the mind of this very complex man.


The New Hampshire Bushman

The subtitle of The New Hampshire Bushman used to say : "Tea, GPS, and good times in Taiwan (and many other places!) with MJ and Hui-Chen." Now MJ and Hui-Chen are married and the good times continue.

[See MJ's comments below in the comments section].

The downside of this blog is that every single post is on the first page... so if you have low RAM or a dial-up connection, its going to take a while for this blog to load :(

The reason that M.J. set the viewing defaults this way are explained in his comment below.

Blogging since May 2005, M.J. Klein, who I assume is the New Hampshire native, resides in Hokou, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

The blog is deceptively interesting--a Yankee New Englander's insight into Eastern culture... like a frog sitting in a bird's nest :D


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Swamp Yankee Wannabees...and a dog

Trying to live the good life in New Hampshire, these Swamp Yankee Wannabees, Aileen and Lionel (and dog Gump) created a blog in November 2004.

They express largely random ideas on Life, the Universe, and Everything, from politics, philosophy, and current topics, to antics of life on the farm.

Amazing discoveries can be made there (did you know Alaska is really warmer than New Hampshire)...


The Woolen Rabbit

In addition to being the blog's title, The Woolen Rabbit is a shop nestled in Conway, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This shop sells luxury fibers and yarn, along with natural soaps and handcremes.

They also breed Nordic Angora rabbits, and King Charles spaniels.

This blog is dedicated to Kim Kaslow, the blog owner's, love for animals and fiber.

Colorful photographs add to the unique feeling.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

And Rightly So

"Raven" is an alias for the creator of And Rightly So blog, which has been around since October of 2004.

Raven is 41, divorced, with three daughters, four cats and a dog. She is an LPN working in a nursing home. She lives in Southern NH and loves it here. She thinks that Massachusetts "sucketh."

Raven is expressively candid about the many topics (including "New England," "Current Events," "Liberal Lunatics") she includes on her blog. I especially enjoy reading her "History" category.

She is entertaining, disturbing, and educational. What more could you hope for?


Chasing Grace

A California native, Chasing Grace's author, Lisa, met and married Paul and moved with him and Siofra the Cat to Milford NH.

She writes inventive, irresistible, and bewitching tales of her not-so-ordinary life.

This blog is a must-see.


P.S. Also see Lisa's Pages

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sleepy Eyes Knitting

Gina House of Londonderry owns Sleepy Eyes Knitting blog. Her subtitle states: "A Knit, Two Purls and Only Three Winks...knit...yawn...knit..must keep knitting...and spinning!" She is a 33 year old mom and two boys, age 3 and 13. Working part time as a yoga instructor, the rest of her time is devoted to being a mom and wife.

She maintains a "Sleepy Eyes Yarn" shop online and a Yoga web site. While to the untrained eye, knitting and yoga don't seem connected, Gina believes that "knitting brings your mind and body into a special place that is conducive to meditation and relaxation."

Most of the posts are regarding yarn and handcrafts.

I must admit, being a "knitter" myself, I am impressed with the amazing colors of these home-dyed yarns.


Milkweed Hill ... And Beyond

Milkweed Hill was created by Kristen, a stay-at-home mom of two, aiming to parent with grace, patience, love and facing each day with a small bowl of caffeine. Kristen also happens to be Ernesto's "better half."

Kristen shares some very sweet, and greatly entertaining stories of the every day challenges of her family including their joys and sorrows, foibles and feats.

She writes with a sense of humor, and shares her obvious love of her family, which most of us can definitely relate with.


Sunday, June 04, 2006

New Hampshire Bloggers to Meet - October 2006

A meeting of New Hampshire Bloggers is being organized.

The organizers are TJ of Better Living Through Chemistry blog, and JD from Grain of Salt.

Anyone who resides in New Hampshire and maintains a weblog is invited, whether you are a full-time blogger, or a casual blog hobbyist.

Our target date is Saturday, October 14th.

Our target location is Concord, New Hampshire (we don’t know where yet, so if anyone has any bright ideas, let TJ know).

Friday, June 02, 2006

Sarah Says

Sarah Says is a blog belonging to Sarah Dobb, a writer, web developer, and Chinese language enthusiast. A student in the Technical & Professional Writing program at San Francisco State University, she is temporarily in New Hampshire, helping her grandparents to itemize and sell their collectibles on ebay.

She arrived just in time to surprise her mother on Mother's Day, and to experience the flooding we had in May 2006.

She is performing a workathon to raise money for New Hampshire's Horton Center. That alone is a good reason to stop by her blog.


File: Journal

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Mike's Blog

Mike's Blog belongs to Mike Pride, editor of the Concord Monitor. He recently celebrated his first year anniversary (May 2005), and 149th blog entry.

"My Year As A Blogger" will give you a good idea of his personal insights into the process of blogging, what works and what doesn't, for him. He maintains a local focus, even when national or international news is involved, i.e. "How does this affect residents of New Hampshire?"

What I find most interesting about his blog, is his willingness to share the "inner workings" of their web-based news.

File: News