Friday, June 09, 2006

The New Hampshire Bushman

The subtitle of The New Hampshire Bushman used to say : "Tea, GPS, and good times in Taiwan (and many other places!) with MJ and Hui-Chen." Now MJ and Hui-Chen are married and the good times continue.

[See MJ's comments below in the comments section].

The downside of this blog is that every single post is on the first page... so if you have low RAM or a dial-up connection, its going to take a while for this blog to load :(

The reason that M.J. set the viewing defaults this way are explained in his comment below.

Blogging since May 2005, M.J. Klein, who I assume is the New Hampshire native, resides in Hokou, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

The blog is deceptively interesting--a Yankee New Englander's insight into Eastern culture... like a frog sitting in a bird's nest :D



MJ Klein said...

Hi Janice. Hui-Chen and I thank you for the mention in your blog! the reason that we set our blog to the full length on a single page is because we learned that very few people search the archives. visitors (especially blog newbies) will visit our site and assume that what they see is all there is. on the other hand, we get emails where people tell us that they spend literally hours on our blog, reading all the way to the bottom! so, while it does take some time to load the entire blog, one can begin reading the topmost posts while the older posts continue to load. after considering the downside, we decided that the single page would be easier overall.

we are in the US for another week, and after that we will post about our adventures in the US! thanks and take care Janice.


MJ Klein said...

Janice, the latest news is that we have our own hosted domain now, and of course way too many articles to show them on a single page! but the new blog is very feature rich. here is a list of some of the new features:
1. Recent posts and comments, top commentators, recent trackbacks and much more are available on the Home page.
2. You can easily submit content to your favorite social networking or bookmarking site, or send the article to your friends via email as well, wherever you see a “ShareThis” link.
3. When a blogger leaves a comment on an article, you will see that blogger’s latest post linked back to his/her blog, making it easy to find their blog and most recent post.
4. A unique geotagged map shows the location of articles on a Google map (geotagged articles only). This allows readers to know exactly where the authors were when they had the experience they share in the article. Clicking on a balloon will display a brief excerpt from the article. The title of the excerpt is a link that will take you that article.
5. The entire site is indexed by Jiglu, an intelligent linking system that finds all related content by indexing keywords. Clicking on a Jiglu link will open an overlay window that will allow you to browse additional articles for continued reading on a particular topic.
6. Our Community is a dynamic cloud of clickable links representing the people who make up our community - our readers who contribute comments.

people seem to love playing with the map! the new URL is there is a redirect from the old blog. thanks and take care!

MJ Klein