Saturday, December 30, 2006

Life in Manch Vegas

The owner of blog: Life in Manch Vegas, is a Manchester (or possibly Goffstown) resident. He is also married, and apparently a Catholic paramedic who works for an Ambulance Company or a hospital in the same area.

If you want to know more about him, read his first blog article.

He writes about noteworthy national and international news, personal life events, occasionally whacky humor, and of course events in Manchester and New Hampshire.

His wife also works in the medical field as a nurse, and so you will also see articles within the human health realm.

The articles are down-to-earth, totally honest and thought-provoking.

Drop by and say hello.


Back Lot Films Blog

Bill Millios of New Boston, NH is the owner of Back Lot Films Blog.

He is an entreprenurial film maker, and owner of Back Lot Films, Inc. Since 1993 he has been producing and distributing a variety of corporate and narrative productions.

Bill began his blog in April of 2006, and it provides advance announcements of new projects, descriptions of ongoing and past projects, with links to view some of them. He also blogs about personal news and opinon.

I enjoyed watching the movie clips he provides. He is most definitely talented.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Cautionary lessons learned

In May 2006, the blogger of A Cautionary Tale (I'll call her Ctale for short) began with heart-warming and sweet stories of her recent pregnancy, mixed in with scary tales of horrifying neighbors. Thankfully she moved to a new place.

Ctale writes about her life, relationships, and pregnancy, with a frankness and occasional naivete that is charming.

In December she had a sweet little baby girl, and no doubt a great deal of future posts will involve her adventure into motherhood.

You can see Ctale's Flikr photos here.



Blogging since December 2005, carpoolguy lives in Exeter, New Hampshire. I suspect he is related, or at least familiar with, seacoastguy.

His blog is reknown for his Sky Reports. Well at least known. These reports work similiar to a "weather rock" (where you place a rock in your backyard... if it's white it's snowing, you get my drift). In his case carpoolguy checks out the sky every morning on his way to work and comments on it, and the events of the day.

Some of his early Sky Reports are wondrously insightful:
-- "Todays sky looked alot like my grey sweatshirt."
-- "Like my brain after one too many Glenmorangie's, the sky was..."
--"Like a golden brick being tossed on a frozen pond, the sun cracked the sky....
--"The sky seemed to be dropping flakes as fast as the scalp of that old under you never really liked to be around."

His blog sometimes describes vehicular accidents he's had. It's the sort of blow-by-blow stuff that would not encourage me to carpool with this guy if I had the opportunity. The folks who still ride with him, must be doing so because of his entertainment value.

He was pretty active blogger until October of this year, then he got out of the blogging habit. Maybe if everyone who reads this will stop by at least once, he'll start up again.

Carpool guy also posts over at "Cooler at the Coast," and its possible that he is Kreblog's alterego.


Friday, December 08, 2006


In the blogging world, Kreblog is an old timer (blogging since March 2000).

Although he uses the local vernacular (i.e. "bubbler"), don't let him fool you. He first moved to New Hampshire in July of 1993 from Rochester, New York, where he was attending college. He left, and returned again, finding New Hampshire to be curiously addictive.

But he can talk the talk, and quite entertainingly.

When you visit his blog, you will learn more than you'd normally expect. An example is his recent post called "Foo." I like to think of myself as being technically savvy, but I was presented with a Foo-load of new technology.

Prolific is close to the word I want to use for his blogging capabilities. His fertile mind appears to spawn new blog articles with ease. In addition to Kreblog, he also blogs on The Dover Post, Cooler on the Coast, plus a few other suspects.

A great read for high-tech folks, and everyone else (topics include his cats, New Hampshire, Scrubs, music, food and drink, hiking, and more.)