Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Dog-Eared Town

Paul is a mid-30s guy who lives in the Hooksett/Manchester NH area, and he is a prolific blogger at "A Dog-Eared Town." He has a wife named Lisa, and a cat named Siofra (wait--maybe that is Lisa's cat).

I especially enjoy Paul's "Your Tax Dollars At Work" series, which covers usually New Hampshire's nonsensical proposed laws, and unusual debates going on in our state legislature. (Have pity on 'em Paul, they don't have air conditioning).

Paul has a sharp wit and keen observation skills. He can spot a redneck taking his girl on a date in a dump truck from two miles away, and a change in the Dow Jones from even further away.

Intriguing reading.


Bride Buzz

New Hampshire Magazine presents an "everything-bridal" blog at Bride Buzz. Barbara Coles, Erica Thoits, Shannon Spiliotis and Cindy Kibbe each present brief articles to help real and potential brides make decisions about their nuptials.

Questions they ask (and sometimes answer) include: can wedding attire be too casual? How to save wedding items as memorabilia? What kind of gifts are appropriate for your bridal party? How do you have a Green Wedding (and they don't mean the bride wears green!)

So, if you are getting married, or know of someone who is, you should point them over to this blog. The best part--the advice would apply for ANY bride, not just the ones living in New Hampshire.


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Drew Cline

Drew Cline, the editorial page editor at the Union Leader has a blog (aptly named after himself).

So far his posts are primarily focused on sports and politics, and since I am challenged in both of those arenas, I decline to comment on whether he blogs on either topic well (or not).

Apparently he will be posting a weekly presidential primary report from New Hampshire on

He seems like a guy to watch.


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Art Esprit

Susan Larochelle, a Rochester New Hampshire artist, gallery owner, teacher, and curator, has been presenting her blog, Art Esprit, on the topics of:
"Muses & Rants About Fine Art, Craft and Design" since November of 2005.

At first personally newsy, her blog has slowly but surely been converted into an intriguing space that includes some amazing artwork in various medium, from watercolor to wearable.

I'm a person who enjoys buying unusual (but beautiful) creations for folks on my buying list, and the links on this blog certainly provide me with a
great deal to choose from. Some of the links go to her online shop and gallery, Artstream LLC.

What can I say? I encourage readers to support New Hampshire artists, especially when their creations are so awe inspiring.


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Bloggers like everyone else, sometimes move on to other projects and leave their blog to wither and fade away. In order to properly keep an updated list of New Hampshire blogs, I am creating a new Category called "Retired Blogs" where currently listed blogs that have not been posted to for six months or more will be moved.

If you find your blog on this list, and you have added an article recently, please contact me.


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