Saturday, May 19, 2007

Shoals Marine Laboratory Blog

Someone using the intials SML (not their real initials obviously) at Cornell University is blogging for the Shoals Marine Laboratory, a biological field station run jointly by Cornell & UNH. His co-blogger, Le Mon is a toothy fellow who likes to hang his head out the car window like a dog.

Apparently there is a second Shoals blog, GoShoals Summer 2008.

They have only been blogging a short time, but already there are some interesting articles.

The Shoals Marine Lab plans on holding some cool classes... such as "Marine Vegetables" and "Boilology of the Lobster" .... err sorry that is "Biology of the Lobster," and "Marine Vertebrates." I guess I'm hungry.

Stop by and say hi!


Coos Conversations

Katie Paine of Berlin NH is the primary blogger at Coos Conversations, but she does permit guest bloggers who have a story to tell.

This blog is "for and about Coos County, New Hampshire," whether you live there, or like to visit. A wide range of topics appear to be covered from events to the economy.

This spanking brand new blog just began in April of 2007, and already it is sparking interest. Stop on by and get an eyeful.


P.S.: Katie is a busy woman. She also blogs KDPaine's PR Measurement Blog.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Weekend Pundit

The blog, Weekend Pundit, has been around the block a few times (since June 2002 WOW!).

Apparently the Yankee posters are Bagheera The Magnificent, Brent, DCE and John, although DCE is the most prolific of the contributors.

No topic is off-limits... no waters too deep (and they certainly are not still).

Not to mention the great Weirs Beach Sign and the photograph of the motorcyclists... "and these are just some of my faaaa-vorite things...."


My Travels in New Hampshire, Town to Town

Maxwell Marovich of Keene NH is the blogger at "My Travels in New Hampshire, Town to Town."

He is methodically "X-ing" out a map of the Monadnock region, as he presents an individual, albeit brief, writeup on each township. He includes links to photographs, and adds personal comments.

I call this water closet reading... not because the posts have a direct relationship to anyone's water closet, but because his posts are just long enough to keep you interested, and short enough to read during during a "break" in your life's daily events. Just do it :D

I suspect that the blog owner is the same person found:




and -here-