Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Granite Geek

David Brooks of the Granite Geek is a scientist extraordinaire with a New Hampshire twist. Do you want to know if "big people schuss faster?"

Or do you possibly want to learn about the latest in tech products. This blog is where you will find out.

No subject is too difficult, no problem too complex for Dave. He is a "man of steel" when it comes to brain-power. Stop by and say hi.

He is one of the "Best of New Hampshire Blogs"

P.S.: I have no idea how I missed blogging about him, since I've been a fan, and a regular reader of his blog for a while now.

The Suburban Ecstacies

Seth Abramson at The Suburban Ecstacies is primarily a poet. He received my JD from Harvard Law School in 2001, and a BA in English from Dartmouth College in 1998.

And so with that educational combination how could he resist the lure of writing about politics too. His blog aptly reflects his eclectic interests.

Although not currently living in New Hampshire, and so his roots are here. You will consider your visit to his blog thoroughly worthwhile.