Sunday, November 18, 2007

Eric D. Knapp

Eric D. Knapp would do almost anything to get on the Best Seller's List, even considering revisions to his book's (Out of Place, Out of Time) cover art. Hmmm... EraCluck might just be hit!

His writing is tongue-in-cheek witty, and his genre is science fiction and fantasy. Blogging since at least June 2003, he's been around the block several times.

His profile states: "Knapp has been writing since the first grade, when he was awarded his first of two Young Author's Awards. Since then, Eric has graduated with a communications degree from the University of New Hampshire, and has studied literature and fiction at the University of London. As a telecommunications engineer and freelance technology writer, Knapp has contributed to industry magazines such as 'Telecommunications', 'Exchange', and 'ISP World'. He has recently been rewarded with the iUniverse 'Editors Choice' award for his newest novel, 'Out of Place Out of Time'Coincidentally, that book is available for sale on (hint! hint!)"

Knapp also has a short story posted at, called "Nine Flights, Ninety Five Steps."

The only think lacking on his blog is a way for visitors to comment...