Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Gravityland is an original web TV series and interactive experience. John Herman is the mad scientist behind these episodes that debut weekly. Viewers can interact with the actors and writers behind the show, and will directly influence the "fictional world in unexpected and engaging ways."

If you enjoy web TV and like interactive media, this is the place for you to hang out!


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Film New Hampshire

Touted as the "Official blog of the New Hampshire Film and Television Office," Film New Hampshire was begun in January of 2008. The articles including New Hampshire film screenings, lectures, innovative vlogs, job opportunities, casting calls, and more.

This blog should be of interest to anyone in the video or graphic production fields, movie or documentary producers, mainstream and independent moviemakers, both professional and aspiring actors and actresses, and local film afficianados.

Even folks who are not in any of the above categories would enjoy reading about television series, sitcoms and possibilities.

A fun read.

Category: Art and Culture