Monday, May 22, 2006

Why New Hampshire Blogs

New Hampshire bloggers are rare creatures. They are fiercely independent, and even the most liberal (if native-born) are at the conservative end of the scale.

"New Hampshire Blogs" is a collection of blog sites that are created and maintained by New Hampshire natives, living in or outside of the state. The critiques will include blog screen shots and brief descriptions.

I reserve the right to post, or not post, information (or links) about any blog(s), at my own discretion.

Reasons that a blog may not qualify for posting or linking here:

- excessive and/or unnecessary use of vulgar language (my mother taught me that intelligent people have a better vocabulary and don't need to use such words. One exception may be if you are a member of the cast of HBO: The Sopranos, or HBO: Deadwood, and you can prove it).
- any use of inappropriate photography or graphics (I am not talking about photographs of classical statutes, I mean vulgarly inappropriate)
- it is purely commercial, with little or no interest value otherwise
- it is used solely to attack or abuse persons or groups (may not include certain political blogs heh)
- new blog articles are rarely posted (I get to decide what is "rare").
- posts often are those of a disturbing or offensive nature (sorry, only I get to determine what is disturbing or offensive, but I'm moderately lenient).
- it's really a web site, and not a blog. (I get to decide whether it is or not)
- it's lean on content. (Sorry, but blogs that contain only links to other places, with no creative content won't be found here).
- it does not allow public comments (I reserve the right to allow or refuse such blogs, depending on what I perceive to be its intrinsic value)
- the blog has "pop-up's," questionable "scripts" and/or "music playing." (I simply hate these, but I might forgive the music).

I currently have a waiting list of over fifty blogs. If you don't see your blog here, and you'd like for me to post it sooner than later, please write and let me know why.

Janice Brown


nh bearman said...

Hi Janice, same name as my wife so maybe I'll remember it. Maybe. I'm Eric Orff a wildlife biologist with 30 years of experience,right here in good old NH. I've been running a blog called NH Nature Notes for over three years on my web site I try to tell folks at least weekly, and sometimes twice weekly, what is happening right outside their window or door. Kind of NH's wild side based on three decades of exsperience as a NH Fish and Game biologist. Check out my blog and my bio at the bottom of my web. I've been a writer most of my career and write monthly articles for NH and Me. sportsmens papers. But my blog is real time. Oh ya, I've been doing radio PSA's about wildlife for the state for eight years too. Again trying to get folks to look out their windows at what is happening right now.

Eric Orff

Michelle said...

Hi janice, I would like to add my Blog to your waiting list of Blogs to be reviewed. No Rush.
Thanks, great idea you have, Makes it easier to find other NH bloggers.

Paul Mayer said...


I hope my blog is interesting.

It stated as a way to grab some exposure on google for my real estate buisness but now I really enjoy blogging. Nothing earth shattering, no great cosmic thoughts, just stuff about the white mountains.

Please take a look and let me know what you think.

Average American said...

Hi Janice:

I knew there must be a way to find interesting blogs from New Hampshire. This is a nice service you offer. I'll spend time here surely.

I just started my blog back in the early part of February. So far my main function is political, but, I seem to be branching out quite a bit on the Iraq war. I'm considering a second blog to clean up the mess. Feel free to list me if you get the chance. We all could use the extra traffic, although I'm not doing bad with about 270 visits in 40 days. Of course a good 50 are visits from myself.

Lucie Bryar said...

Hi Janice,
Great blog you have and thanks for providing a wonderful service with all these New Hampshire blogs.

I started New Hampshire...Love it or Leaf it in March 2008. ( nature-oriented site is dedicated to sharing information about great places to kayak (or canoe) quiet water, to bike down a shady path, and occasionally to drop in a fishing line.

I'm a NH native who believes the best way to appreciate the quiet natural beauty of our state is to take it slow and easy. Hope you'll take a look!


Mandy Grenier said...

Hi, Janice -
This is a great blog! I have found it very interesting and useful. Thanks for your service it's great to see all the NH Bloggers!

I have a blog on places to bring children in New England. I would like to be added to your list for review.

I hope you find it fun and interesting!