Friday, May 26, 2006

Ernesto Burden

According to his biography, Ernesto Burden is a husband, a father and the New Media manager for The Telegraph and and related sites. He writes fiction, plays the piano and guitar and is an avid student of literature, religion and the Spanish language, and enjoys single malt Scotch, dry martinis and fly fishing. He lives in New England with his family.

His blog interests range from family and friends and religion, to language and literature. He shares some intensely personal family moments with grace, and includes a link to his flickr photographs. He connects his past and present moments with interesting ease.

Around 1999 he was bitten by the blogging bug, and we are lucky he was.



Ernesto said...

Hey Janice, great blog rounup. And thanks for the kind words!

Actually, I was running steadily from early on, but when I moved from first a static HTML-based site to Blogger then to my current CMS I didn't migrate all the content into the database. So I've got a link for archives prior to the date I launched the new system.



Janice said...

Ernesto, woohoo you really are an "old timer" when it comes to blogging. Thanks for the archive link, and I've updated the critique slightly to reflect it.


PS The most difficult part of this blog is figuring out how to organize it so that people can easily find blogs of interest once they scroll out of sight.