Sunday, May 28, 2006

Libertarian Leanings

Libertarian Leanings - The words "Ruminations of a New Hampshire Republican with decidedly Libertarian leanings" is displayed just below the masthead, and succintly states Tom Bowler's blog objectives.

Definitely on the side of President Bush, Tom supports his message with careful research. To him, the glass is at least half full, and in some cases overflowing.

Most of what I read there seemed decidedly more Republican than Libertarian, but perhaps I need to get out more. This well-read, popular blog is definitely worth at least one link, errrr look :D

Tom also appears to be associated with Homespun Bloggers.

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Tom Bowler said...

Janice, thanks so much for the nice write up. You're correct that I'm more Republican than Libertarian. I only lean libertarian, and that's libertarian with a small "l". And yes, the glass is half full and rising. We live in exciting times!

Janice said...

Your welcome Tom. I'll be keeping an eye on your blog :)