Tuesday, May 30, 2006


According to its 'About' section Wizbang! is a unique mix of news, politics, and entertainment... and is one of 'the most popular conservative weblogs on the Internet. Since its founding in April 2003, and has over 5 million unique visitors. Don't ask me to explain Wizbang's rise in popularity, but I imagine it's a function of topicality, humor, and insight.'

The blog is owned by Kevin Aylward, who I believe lives in Massachusetts. [Correction: Virginia]. In 2004 he invited guest bloggers, including New Hampshirite Jay Tea to join his team.

Jay is a popular and prolific writer. He must have a high level of blogger prestige, as it appears countless other blogs slam him personally, waiting with bated (or it is baited) breath hoping he will personally reply on their blog, or better yet mention their names on Wizbang.

If you'd like to raise your blood pressure, or simply read provative commentary, this is the blog to visit.

J (Janice, not Jay)


Anonymous said...

Why, thank you! My apologies for not noticing your piece before.

Kevin actually lives in Virginia, just outside of DC. I'm the token New Englander of the group.

And thanks for the tip about the get-together -- it's going on my calendar now.


Janice said...


Thanks for the correction. Looking forward to meeting you at the get-together.