Saturday, May 27, 2006


Tony Schinella of Politizine, is an award-winning radio broadcaster and print journalist currently living in New Hampshire and working at a small community-oriented AM radio station, as CEO, program director, and host of a daily program on the arts.

Tune in for his random musings about politics, music, the media and modern times.

He does not pretend that his blog is anything BUT politically-oriented.

His message is clear--he will call it as he sees it, and political correctness is not his goal.



tony schinella said...

Thanks for the write-up. What a great service you provide by posting all of the great sites around the state! So much reading ... so little time!!

Janice said...

Your welcome Tony. I still have a pretty long list of blogs to go yet :) And several, such as yours, of a high quality. I agree, there is never enough time to read them all!