Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Travels in New Hampshire, Town to Town

Maxwell Marovich of Keene NH is the blogger at "My Travels in New Hampshire, Town to Town."

He is methodically "X-ing" out a map of the Monadnock region, as he presents an individual, albeit brief, writeup on each township. He includes links to photographs, and adds personal comments.

I call this water closet reading... not because the posts have a direct relationship to anyone's water closet, but because his posts are just long enough to keep you interested, and short enough to read during during a "break" in your life's daily events. Just do it :D

I suspect that the blog owner is the same person found:




and -here-


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Maxwell Marovich said...

Thanks for the post! I can confirm that all of those links are to my sites... though they are not as interesting.

This is a small hobby, and I visit towns that are close by from where I happen to be [visiting] at the time. It's a very long-lasting hobby... but I suppose that's the point.

I can be contacted easily, and I respond fast. Thanks again.

- Max