Sunday, July 01, 2007

Art Esprit

Susan Larochelle, a Rochester New Hampshire artist, gallery owner, teacher, and curator, has been presenting her blog, Art Esprit, on the topics of:
"Muses & Rants About Fine Art, Craft and Design" since November of 2005.

At first personally newsy, her blog has slowly but surely been converted into an intriguing space that includes some amazing artwork in various medium, from watercolor to wearable.

I'm a person who enjoys buying unusual (but beautiful) creations for folks on my buying list, and the links on this blog certainly provide me with a
great deal to choose from. Some of the links go to her online shop and gallery, Artstream LLC.

What can I say? I encourage readers to support New Hampshire artists, especially when their creations are so awe inspiring.


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susan said...

Thank you very much for your kind words. We have been dedicated for five years to bring fine art to the forefront here at artstream.
Nice to be recognized!
best wishes,