Friday, December 08, 2006


In the blogging world, Kreblog is an old timer (blogging since March 2000).

Although he uses the local vernacular (i.e. "bubbler"), don't let him fool you. He first moved to New Hampshire in July of 1993 from Rochester, New York, where he was attending college. He left, and returned again, finding New Hampshire to be curiously addictive.

But he can talk the talk, and quite entertainingly.

When you visit his blog, you will learn more than you'd normally expect. An example is his recent post called "Foo." I like to think of myself as being technically savvy, but I was presented with a Foo-load of new technology.

Prolific is close to the word I want to use for his blogging capabilities. His fertile mind appears to spawn new blog articles with ease. In addition to Kreblog, he also blogs on The Dover Post, Cooler on the Coast, plus a few other suspects.

A great read for high-tech folks, and everyone else (topics include his cats, New Hampshire, Scrubs, music, food and drink, hiking, and more.)



Kreblog said...

Is there like a secret NH handshake I get to learn now? :)

Thanks again for the review.

Janice said...
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Janice said...

If you insist hehe

carpoolguy said...

Great review. As a dedicated reader of Kreblog and a friend, fertile doesn't begin to describe how creative he can be. He's also responsible for getting several of us into blogging. After blogging for a couple of years, you begin to realize how difficult it is to make regular, meaningful contributions. Kreblog just keeps on keepin' on.