Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Blogging since December 2005, carpoolguy lives in Exeter, New Hampshire. I suspect he is related, or at least familiar with, seacoastguy.

His blog is reknown for his Sky Reports. Well at least known. These reports work similiar to a "weather rock" (where you place a rock in your backyard... if it's white it's snowing, you get my drift). In his case carpoolguy checks out the sky every morning on his way to work and comments on it, and the events of the day.

Some of his early Sky Reports are wondrously insightful:
-- "Todays sky looked alot like my grey sweatshirt."
-- "Like my brain after one too many Glenmorangie's, the sky was..."
--"Like a golden brick being tossed on a frozen pond, the sun cracked the sky....
--"The sky seemed to be dropping flakes as fast as the scalp of that old under you never really liked to be around."

His blog sometimes describes vehicular accidents he's had. It's the sort of blow-by-blow stuff that would not encourage me to carpool with this guy if I had the opportunity. The folks who still ride with him, must be doing so because of his entertainment value.

He was pretty active blogger until October of this year, then he got out of the blogging habit. Maybe if everyone who reads this will stop by at least once, he'll start up again.

Carpool guy also posts over at "Cooler at the Coast," and its possible that he is Kreblog's alterego.



Kreblog said...

Nope... that's not me, that's all carpoolguy and he is a excellent driver in carpool... excellent driver.

...and pretty entertaining.

carpoolguy said...

Thanks for the review. It's fun to hear what others who don't know me say about the blog...