Friday, June 23, 2006

O Machine, Sudden Love Letters

Luke Buckham, of O Machine, lives in Keene New Hampshire. In addition to blogging since October of 2005, he is publishing his own magazine, "The Appropriate" which includes regular features by "invisible luminaries." In his other life he is a Mexican Chef.

His blog topics range from prose to politics. His posts are clever, clear, concise and interesting.

His poetry is intriguing, to say the least. A line of one of his poems says "A strange unevenness inhabits the usual landscape today"--a good description of this blog.

An enjoyable read.

Since the majority of the posts appear to be poetry, file: Art & Culture



TJ said...

I think you forgot to put a link to this site. . . or am I just blind?

Janice said...

TJ Thanks for letting me know.. I'm lucky to have friends like you.. especially those with an eye for detail hehe.

I've added the link to the blog.