Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ben Kepple

In May 2003 Ben Kepple moved his blog to new quarters (here).

His old blog, "Benjamin Kepple Daily Rant," has been around since September 2001, and is described as "Discussions on foreign affairs, religion, and the state of American culture...oh, heck with it. It's an electronic soapbox where I get to spout off about all the idiocy that manifests itself in this day and age."

I was amused by his post, "A Travesty and Abomination Against Film-Making" about The Da Vinci Code movie, he's a witty guy. His topics often cover items you see in the daily headlines, but with a "benkepple twist."

I must have been hiding under a rock, because this is the first time I've heard of him, and I used to read the Investor's Business Daily.

His bio says: "Benjamin Kepple is a journalist in New Hampshire. He is a former reporter/writer for Investor's Business Daily, Heterodoxy, and FrontPage Magazine. He has also been published in the Daily News of Los Angeles, the Ottawa Citizen, AlbertaViews, and other publications. He was also a contributing editor for the 2nd edition of "Choosing the Right College," published by ISI Books."

I had a difficult time deciding where to place this blog in my category system... he is not quite a diarist, nor a philosopher, but strangely he seems both.

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Ernesto said...

Terrific writer! The commentary on the World Cup beer issue was priceless.