Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Zen of Motorcycling

M.R. (Montauk Rider), the owner of The Zen of Motorcycling, is a 50ish Manchester New Hampshire male blogger who likes jazz, opera, motorcycles, touring, travel and the fascinating people along the way....

Written in diary fashion, I was pleasantly surprised (well, surprised in the way when you pick up a rock and discover its really a small diamond) at what I read.

Although most of the entries are short and sweet, scattered here and there are things I'd never thought about, such as "Like snowflakes, no two Springs are exactly alike." (How True).

Intermingled are photographs of many places he stops along the way.

M.R. also has a photostream.

Vroom Vroom, definitely worth at least one stop.


1 comment:

Montauk Rider said...

I'm glad you like my little diamonds in the rough. People and places are the most fascinating things we encounter, so writing about them is quite fun.

Do drop by every now and then. And thanks for your kind words.