Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sleepy Eyes Knitting

Gina House of Londonderry owns Sleepy Eyes Knitting blog. Her subtitle states: "A Knit, Two Purls and Only Three Winks...knit...yawn...knit..must keep knitting...and spinning!" She is a 33 year old mom and two boys, age 3 and 13. Working part time as a yoga instructor, the rest of her time is devoted to being a mom and wife.

She maintains a "Sleepy Eyes Yarn" shop online and a Yoga web site. While to the untrained eye, knitting and yoga don't seem connected, Gina believes that "knitting brings your mind and body into a special place that is conducive to meditation and relaxation."

Most of the posts are regarding yarn and handcrafts.

I must admit, being a "knitter" myself, I am impressed with the amazing colors of these home-dyed yarns.


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