Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ian Muir, The Angry Scotsman

Ian Muir, the New Hampshirite at The Angry Scotsman, doesn't seem to be angry at all. But he is a funny guy. With posts such as, "Apparently Microsoft is the Devil," he deftly (or as least as deftly as a geek can) promotes his ideas and opinions.

In his bio he states: "I’m a fledging web guru and furture internet rockstar. Right now I’m slowly but surely working to make a name for myself in the standards community. My long term goal is to help the web mature into a space for collaboration, creativity and growth that surpasses the current notions of what people can really do." He is also the founder and primary of Sunder Media, a CSS designer, PHP and .NET developer and general web ├╝ber geek.

His blog includes information about some pretty cool new and innovative programs and tools for web site designers, and I admit I bookmarked a few that he mentioned.

Because this blog contains more than web design related posts, File: Journal


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