Monday, July 10, 2006


Mark, a New Hampshirite who blogs at Technoramus, supports and often reports about the Linux operating system, the Internet, and the future of computing.

Although a bit lean on articles right now, I'm hoping that will change, and his blog will "pick up"--as I do find his articles, and links to other blogs interesting.

Psstt.. Mark, its ok to edit the "Links" section of your blog by editing the Template section.

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Mark said...

Uh oh. Someone actually looked at one of my toy blogs. That one is mostly just stuff I reposted from digg, where I spend too much time. I'll have to get more serious.

Hi Janice.


Janice said...

Hi Mark :D

Yep, I'm afraid I'm good at rooting out even the toy blogs. No need to get serious!