Thursday, October 25, 2007

Saint Anselm College Blog

The Saint Anselm College Blog is produced by the folks at Saint Anselm (please don't pronounce it AN-SLUM!) College in Manchester New Hampshire.

Of course right now many of the articles are politically-oriented (surprise, huh?), but the majority of the posts appear to be college announcements (focused toward students), and articles about faculty/staff/alumni in the news.

The maintainers of this blog are technologically savvy, and they produce a news podcast that is easily accessible.

Even for those who are not particularly interested in the college, you can learn some interesting things.... for example, one of their alumni (Class of 1977) Mark Sullivan was named director of the U.S. Secret Service a year ago. Actually I think I met mark when Al Gore was "wrapping the NH State House in red ribbon" a few years ago at an event I was coordinating.

A superior blog! Four stars for presentation and content.


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