Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Moose Dung Gazette

Tim Smith is not only the owner of The Moose Dung Gazette, a blog about his bushcraft and wilderness survival business (Jack Mountain Bushcraft), but he is also a bit of a comedian.

You immediately take note that "Anything that appears to be an error in spelling or grammar is actually the author's clever use of the vernacular, and thus is a carefully placed literary device that demonstrates his writing prowess."

His topics include books and video reviews, earth skills, gardening, gear, recipes, trip journals, and wild foods.

I don't normally include "business" blogs in this list, but Tim's has plenty of great stories that will captivate you.

His blog has been around since July 2006. I personally would love to see MORE photographs (as they are great eye candy), and more about wild foods available when in the wilderness. The only thing I haven't figured out, is how the moose dung fits in! :D


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David Mastio said...

If you haven't stopped by, I hope you'll stop by.

Dave Mastio