Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pamming About

Like Pam of Pamming About once wrote, "Woah. I just had one of those whack on the head with a big wooden stick kind of revelations..."

I somehow have managed to review her sister and boyfriend, but completely forgot Pam. Doh.

She is definitely not a NH-born Mark Twain. She is more like, hmmm a lunatic accordian player with an attitude... just kidding Pam!

Actually she has led an intriguing life. In grad school she majored in "the oh-so-marketable field of Japanese classical literature," and has taught children in both Japan and the United States. That explains her self-described occupation of "molder of young minds, etc." She lives somewhere near the New Hampshire seacoast.

Her blog is a personal journal. She is bluntly honest in her evaluation of people and problems. She hates people who act like sheep (baaah baaah), but she loves the real thing (she is a yarnaholic). She also loves the Polka Party on WUNH.

I found myself being strangely drawn into both her tales of woe and hoho. Even if you don't know her, her stories make you wish you did.

Two thumbs up.



Pam said...

Hi Janice! Thanks very much for the review. Now I can stop feeling like the left out little sister (even though it's a part I can play so well), ;)
"Like a lunatic accordian player with an attitude." That's awesome! It may be the best compliment my blog has ever received. (well, it was actually aimed at me, not the blog, but that's okay.) Hope you don't mind if I borrow that for the blog description subheader thing.

Janice said...


Certainly you can borrow it.. just fix the spelling of "accordion" on your web site.. sorry, mea culpa.


Janice said...


I got a bit confused when Wikipedia, the King of Online Information, spelled it Accordion... but I did a bit of quick research in old newspapers and advertisements and I see it spelled ACCORDIAN multiple times.. (so its not just a single typo). Perhaps Wiki is wrong, or perhaps it is spelled both ways.. so I leave it accordiAn.