Sunday, November 05, 2006

Be Less Boring

The Chosen One of the blog, Be Less Boring, is a New Hampshire resident ("of a town called Hell, or something like it") with many interests. Apparently boredom bothers him, as his subtitle, "Commandment 11: Thous shalt be less boring lest thou rot in hell for all eternity," may actually be his real life motto.

I spent a bit of time on his blog, reading some recent, and older articles...and discovered...

-He is interested in history (He took his children to some of New Hampshire's historical spots.)
-He is concerned about global warming. (He states, "The rest of us, well, we're off living our lives and looking forward to growing oranges and grapefruit here in New Hampshire").
-He likes driving in New Hampshire to be a challenge ("We have tote roads, skidder tracks, snowmobile trails, and Frost's two paths that diverged in the woods").

He DISLIKES, morons who can't figure out they don't pay cash in an EZPass lane, expensive gasoline prices, cities, people who misspell Rollinsford (there is no G in that word), and people who are politically-correct.

He watches his environment carefully (after all, who else would have noticed that a NH "Break for Moose" sign is in the "All Your Base Are Belong to Us" video?

I must admit his writing makes me think he is a New Hampshire-born "Mark Twain." His stories are funny, often tongue-in-cheek, and definitely not boring.

I enjoyed this blog so much that I'm including it among "The BEST OF NEW HAMPSHIRE blogs." Five stars, a must read.


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