Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Turn Down That Stupid Music!

Craig of "Turn Down That Stupid Music!" is a New Hampshirite whose heart remains on Oahu.

He lives and blogs from Meredith. The subtitle warns you that "you'll find news about obscure music from Hawaii to Mongolia," along with other stories.

If you are into the eclectic, are musically dangerous, or simply enjoy reading about New Hampshire, this blog is for you!

I'll be visiting again.



mikemonts said...

musically dangerous sounds interesting

Craig on Saddle Hill... said...

I am honored!

Mahalo for the kudos.

BTW, I also post about some other places I lived, namely Governors Island in the middle of New York Harbor.

As for the music, it's all assimilation from various sources.

Shameless plug-I get a lot of people out in the 50th State who would love to have you samples their products and/or use their services, please give them a gander!