Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mike Lynch Cartoons

Mike Lynch of "Mike Lynch Cartoons" blog is a magazine gag cartoonist. He has to be. His masthead subtitle says so. Even his avatar is a cartoon.

He commands you to spit your gum out and pay attention. He lives in Milton, New Hampshire. Somehow those two statements feel connected.

His writing and cartoons are sometimes campy (not the boyscout kind) and very fun.

He's been blogging since 2006 and I just found him! He's a keeper.


File: Best of New Hampshire Blogs, Art & Culture


Mike Lynch said...

Thank you very much, Janice, for shining the New Hampshire Blogging spotlight on the Mike Lynch Cartoons blog. My wife and I moved up here last year and have met so many terrific people -- and now we know that they have terrific blogs as well.

Lucie Bryar said...

Many thanks, Janice, for featuring New Hampshire: Love it or Leaf it on your blog. It's great to have a site like yours that focuses on what Granite Staters are doing in the blog world.