Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Endicott Dispatch

Tom R. Daggett is a Maniac errr Mainite who now lives in or near Concord New Hampshire, apparently in the Endicott Building.

His blog, The Endicott Dispatch, is mostly a report on what is going on at the Endicott Building where he rents an apartment. However, on occasion events occurring near this building are also mentioned.

You'd think such a topic would not be particularly interesting, however the rantings of this upset tenent may surprise you.

He also blogs over at "Inside Tom's Brain."


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TR Daggett said...

Well hello Janice....

I apologize that it took me this long to discover this blog post!

I really should be more attentive and watch for other blogs mentioning mine. I should also be more participative in local blogging sites like yours.

I just found this post via my 'watchlist' on Technorati.

I'd like to thank you for the review and for noting that there's more to the content then simply "ranting".

Despite what may be to some a fairly self-centered focus, the concerns are neither trivial nor 'all about me'. All too often things that need to change for the better are ignored and left the same. I feel that if I can in some small way spur that change by speaking out publicly via my blog(s) I should.

When I see something wrong, I can't simply ignore it (although certain topics are best addressed privately, at least initially).

Similar to the Sunlight Foundation, many times focusing 'light' on a situation is what finally gets things moving in a positive direction.

Regretfully health and family issues have hindered my blogging, including my "TechAlert" blog for blogsNH (Concord Monitor). I'm just now trying to get back into blogging regularly, which of course is essential to maintain interest and followers.

To date everything I've done has been entirely on my own with no input from anyone else. I'm a true 'loner' and have learned everything I know about technology (and most everything else) on my own.

Not one of my old friends are 'technically inclined' (except for Rob Parkinson, and possibly Jay Gray?) and due to certain social issues I have a hard time reaching out to others for assistance. So it's been difficult to maintain my motivation at times.

I'd like to change *that* for the better and become more involved with other bloggers, local or otherwise. At the same time being fully aware that one of my failings is promising too much, and due to some serious ADD (and other issues) failing to fulfill them!
When all you have is yourself for motivation.... well, you can just imagine how things 'slide'.

Despite all those [unprofessional] doubts I hope that something positive comes from my blogs. I know for a fact that expressing my concerns helps *me* by not keeping them bottled up where they do no one any good.

What I could really use (in case you haven't noticed) is someone to help me with punctuation, grammar, and basically feedback a teacher/editor would provide (I do tend to ramble...).

Thanks again, and keep an eye on The Endicott Dispatch. I just posted the first new post in almost a year!

TR Daggett